All GWS-Servers are delivered with EasyApache4. Here are some reasons why we as hosting provider and our users love the benefits that its amazing features and functionality provide.

EA4 brings significant enhancements to your experience. 

  1. EasyApache 4 Ease of use: Very flexible with installing, configuring, updating and validating  your Apache, PHP and other services on your server.
  2. Software collections: EA4 uses the Software Collections Library (SCL) for PHP.SCL allows the installation of multiple concurrent version of PHP on the file system.
  1. Binary packages. cPanel now builds RPM packages with binaries that easily install using yum instead of taking the long route of compiling binaries from the source. This improved process will make the automatic updates of packages faster. With this enhancement, there will be more automation which will reduce a significant amount of time and effort for the website administrator to continuously update and install packages.
  2. Multiple PHP-Support: EasyApache 4 provides users the ability to manage multiple versions of PHP from WHM. With this feature, you can customize the settings per PHP versions that you run on your server, set system-wide default, and even set the versions of PHP that you have on a per vhost basis.
  3. Easy Apache4 is faster: Unlike the previous version that requires you to do a full recompile of PHP and Apache every time that you make changes, EasyApache 4 are delivered as RPMs, which means that changes, adding modules and provisioning a new profile will only take a minute or so to accomplish.
  4. Full Support for PHP7-branche: Using PHP 7 can increase the speed of running scripts by as much as 40% compared to using PHP 5 which is no longer available on the GWS-platform
  5. Path reorganization. The additional paths allow for EA4 to function quicker and more efficiently. These also enable various directories to save data and symlink between the files. With path reorganization, cPanel can ensure that security is better as the additional paths will also improve data storage in terms of site backup and recovery.

Sunday, October 6, 2019

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